The chat is an amazing site to chat. They name says that.

Here can view any features of the chat.


Totally necesary, not?

  • 18+ content
  • Give passwords
  • Insult and violation of users privacy



Find the emoticons here.


If one not input a message any long time, in the userbar below of the name says "Away". If here isn't nothing, it person isn't away.

You can know if you are away seeing at the top right icon below of your name.

/me command

If you put /me in the start of a message, the text will be light gray and will start with " * YourName ".

Example: /me is eating pizza. | * Yourname is eating pizza.


You can colour and give format to a message. Here below are the codes you need put to give format anything.

  • To color your message [c YourColorHere]YourMessageHere[/c]
  • To implement your message in a different font- [font YourFontHere]Your message here[/font]
  • To give your message a different background color- [bg]YourColorHere]YourMessageHere[/bg]
  • To bold your message- [b]YourMessageHere[/b]
  • To italicize your message- [i]YourMessageHere[/i]
  • To strike through your message- [s]YourMessageHere[/s]
  • To underline your message- [u]YourMessageHere[/u]
  • To make your message big- [big]YourMessageHere[/big]
  • To make your message small- [small]YourMessageHere[/small]
  • To implement your message in superscript- [sup]YourMessageHere[/sup]
  • To implement your message in subscript- [sub]YourMessageHere[/sub]
  • To implement your message in a mono-spaced font- [code]YourMessageHere[/code]

Staffs/Chat moderators

The staffs or chat moderators of the wiki have an star in the name, and is possible view in the userbar and in the messages. He can ban you of the chat.

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